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Fuego Means Fire

h1 Thursday, April 5th, 2007

Sometime around last June I decided we needed a BBQ. MMmm… Just the thought of seared meat and its caramelized sugars sizzling away on the grill makes me daydream. All in a matter of minutes, I could whip up some tasty grilled vegetables for the Hubby, and a juicy steak for myself. Both would have that nice smoky char flavor. We’d be cooking outside, perhaps drinking a beer – just like Americans do.

Living in the city, barbecuing is still quite a treat. It requires outdoor space and a commitment to hauling the equipment around every time you move (which city folks tend to do often). This outdoor space doesn’t have to be a full sized yard, or even a deck. Some people will bbq on their fire escapes, hunched over a tiny plate sized grill, hoping not to arouse the landlord. Others have no shame and will set it up (along with the cooler of beer) right on the middle of the sidewalk. However you grill, it is always a special occasion and a good reason to have friends over.

Anyway… Last June I found the grill of my dreams. Modern, sleek, sexy (yes a grill can be sexy), innovative, and best of all it has, in the same unit, both gas and charcoal. It is the Fuego 01. Check it out at


To make a long story short – the Fuego 01 has finally been released (almost a year later). I went and checked it out live in person yesterday. It is gorgeous and looks exactly as expected. So I was about ready to dive in and order it right then and there – come to find out many of the “accessories” haven’t been released yet.

Included in the list of un-released “accessories”: Charcoal drawers, Infrared drawers, All weather protective cover, Hood (to cover food while cooking), Digital read screen, and Hooks and baskets for hanging on the grill face.

If you ask me, these are necessities, not accessories.
We are currently pondering the purchase.
It is sexy though, right?!