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Knit Pillow

h1 Thursday, December 20th, 2007

I finally finished knitting a pillow case for a large throw pillow. It wasn’t really that difficult, but it did take some time. The yarn is Cocoon, by Rowan. On the back I used some vintage wooden buttons. I am really pleased with the outcome.




h1 Thursday, December 20th, 2007

I made these stockings last year.
One for each of us, then a smaller elf shoe for the dog.


My Husband Rocks

h1 Monday, December 17th, 2007

Last night Dallas and I went out for a leisurely Sunday night dinner to Universal Cafe. It is pretty close to our house, but it was cold so we decided to take the bikes and make the journey faster and more fun. On the way there I realized I had two flat tires. 8-( I guess I hadn’t ridden the bike since I worked at Range. Oh well, at that point we were already half way there so I just pushed through trying not to cause too much damage to my poor bike.

Dinner was tasty and we left feeling satisfied and ready for a nice ride home. We started over to where we had locked up our bikes and noticed only one remained! I couldn’t believe it. My bike was gone. The cable was clipped and my bike was gone. It was an awful sinking feeling. We knew better than to lock up the bike with only a cable lock, but we were only going to Universal, and only for an hour or so. Crazy.

So Dallas unhooked his bike and we began our walk home. We had only made it a few steps when a group of people rounded the corner on their way to Universal. As usual, I was listening in on their conversation… “I remember once I had my bike stolen…”. I turned around and had to bust in with my story. “Really!?, My bike was JUST stolen from in front of the restaurant.”. They told us that they had JUST seen a guy riding a bike holding an extra bike next to him!

Holy Cow!

And Dallas was off!
He disappeared down the street and several minutes later came back around the block with my bike in tow! My husband rocks. 😎