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Welcome Lily Alice!

h1 Saturday, September 25th, 2010

September 25, 2010

2:56 pm

8 lbs

40 weeks + 8 days

h1 Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

My due date for this 2nd pregnancy came and went without much fan fare. I am now more than a week over due, which I’m strangely okay with. I was a bit in a hurry around my due date, but now I’ve settled back into a routine of just being pregnant.  (Of course this means I will be totally caught off guard when I have to run to the hospital.) If she needs more time to brew, then so be it. I don’t even have an induction date scheduled at this point.

A few months back I remembered that Maddox was born on the Harvest Moon (September’s Full Moon), so I looked up when this September’s full moon was thinking this second baby might have the same sort of lunar pull. When I saw that it was so far past my due date I immediately discounted that as an option. It never occurred to me that she would actually be this late! Now that today is the full moon, the Harvest Moon, it just seems too poetic not to hope that she makes her debut tonight.

“Babies born whenever a full moon occurs are said to live an extended and fruitful life. This is due to the full force of the moon’s brimming over with magical elements.”

Also instead of another Virgo, it looks like we are fully into Libra territory.

Family Photos

h1 Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Recently we had some family photos taken by Aubrey Trinnaman.  She is a joy to work with and is an amazing photographer. Here are a couple preview shots:

25 Weeks

h1 Tuesday, June 1st, 2010


“Your baby rivals the average rutabaga in weight — about 1 1/2 pounds. (Length: 13 1/2 inches, head to heel.)” –

Harvest Moon (A Labor Story)

h1 Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Alright, here it is people, the nitty gritty, blow by blow of the hours leading up to the birth of our beautiful baby boy. Proceed with caution – there may be more information than you want. 

40 weeks & 3 days pregnant

I really needed to get out of the house, so when we were invited to hang out at the beach while our friends surfed, I jumped all over it. We packed up a quick lunch, took the dog and spread a blanket on the sand. It was so relaxing and I’m glad we did it. It was there that via my Facebook iPhone app. I found out our friends John & Angel had their baby that morning. I was initially pretty jealous because that was her due date and I had already gone well past mine. It wasn’t fair. I was ready to no longer be pregnant, and most of all I was ready to meet my baby.

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Due Date Confusion

h1 Friday, September 12th, 2008

I had always had 2 different dates in my head as to when this baby was due. Looking back I’m not sure if I got the Sept 8 date only from a baby website, or if an actual medical person also told it to me. The other date I was given was Sept 10, and that is the date that the midwife is going by. SO… I’m only going on 2 days late now, not the 4 as originally thought. Which all in all I guess doesn’t matter much. It at least gives me more time before they medically induce, which is good. I was just so attached to the Sept 8 date for some reason. Gotta let it go!

Today I have someone from Sapana Acupunture (in Berkeley) coming over to induce me. The midwife yesterday gave us the go ahead to get started on that. At this point in the pregnancy, the concern is that the placenta might be running out of nutrients and wearing thin, and the sac running low on amniotic fluid. So early next week I have an appointment to determine how everything is holding up. They will do this through fetal heart monitoring, and ultrasound. We are all hoping that the baby comes before that appointment. 

My friend Houston had a dream last night about Sept 13. Although he has been pushing for a Libra (Sept 23 can you believe that!?), 9/13 = good strong mexican power numbers, so he’s on board with that. I could do Sept 13! And with the acupuncture, perhaps I will!

Due Date!

h1 Monday, September 8th, 2008

40 weeks.

Today is officially the baby’s due date. So far today, no baby. I did however have a single contraction at 5:43 this morning. It hurt way more than I thought contractions were going to. I waited up for another 45 min or so to see if there was another one, then fell back asleep. So either I slept through some more contractions, or that was it for this morning.

I just ate some granola with fruit and the baby is squirming away. Hopefully he’s practicing his entrance speech or something useful to being born.

Here is a morning pajama photo of the belly on its due date:

Baby is fine

h1 Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Eye yi yi, what a day!  

I woke up today with what felt like a flu, and I’ve heard that could be an early sign of labor as long as it wasn’t accompanied by a fever. I already had an appointment with my midwife today so we trotted on down there. I was kind of excited, thinking perhaps baby is on the way! Not quite. For one, no dilation, and two, I did have a fever. 

This was the first appointment Dallas came along for. Before, there seemed no reason to interrupt his day for the 10 minute quickie visit, but now that I’m close to my due date it seemed a good time for him to at least meet the midwife.  Also there might be more interesting stuff going on this time. 

Upon the normal listening to the baby’s heartbeat, the midwife determined it was a tad irregular – ups and downs, so she sent me across town to the hospital and up to Labor and Delivery so they could monitor the fetal heartbeat on a proper machine.  We waited an hour for a room to open up.  I guess it was an abnormally busy day with some emergencies thrown in for good measure.  The waiting was freaking me out a bit. It was hot everywhere (as I had a fever and its in the 90’s here), but it was absolutely unbearable in the tiny waiting room, so I stood in the hall. I’m not a good waiter – very impatient and worried about being forgotten. 

Eventually I was hooked up to the fetal heart monitor for about an hour when it was determined mother and baby were just fine.  phew!  So that is super good news, but a long day.

They apparently needed 20 consecutive minutes of data.  That was interrupted a couple times, once by the machine running out of paper and once when it stopped detecting a heart beat because the sensors moved. It made me realize how little I’m looking forward to being at the hospital. For some reason everything seems to slow down in a hospital, and there are always so many different people in and out. Now I’m starting to see why people do home births.

Looks like the waiting continues.  I was hopeful yesterday that the baby was coming soon, but now I’m pretty sure there is quite a bit more waiting involved.  Boo.

Today was a good dry run though.  We realized some things:
– car should always be fully gassed up
– car seat should be in the car (not the house)
– labor or complications could start anytime (not just at home in the evening while watching tv)
– wallet should always have at least some cash in it

and extras would be to have my suitcase packed in the car with my birthing ball, snacks, robe, etc.but without that stuff i’d still be fine.

Oh, and after an hour or more in air conditioning and eating ice my fever and flu like symptoms disappeared. Perhaps I was just overheated?  No one knows. Now I have no trouble justifying going to the corner store for a popsicle. Mmm, sounds good!

39 Weeks

h1 Monday, September 1st, 2008

39 Weeks.  

The days just keep ticking by.

Yesterday I thought I was never going to be able to make it another week (much less 3), but today I feel like it might be possible. Everyday is different. Today I even organized crafty supplies and cleaned off my desk. I also got started on a new screen printing design. I’ll post it tomorrow once the screen has dried and I can print something. 

I still haven’t packed my bags. For some reason I keep putting it off, like its wasted energy or something. Its difficult to even know what I’ll need as far as clothing. I think I might just be happiest in a hospital gown for a few days. Then as long as I have my baby and my toothbrush, I’m good to go!

37 Weeks!

h1 Monday, August 18th, 2008

37 weeks