40 weeks + 8 days

h1 September 23rd, 2010

My due date for this 2nd pregnancy came and went without much fan fare. I am now more than a week over due, which I’m strangely okay with. I was a bit in a hurry around my due date, but now I’ve settled back into a routine of just being pregnant.  (Of course this means I will be totally caught off guard when I have to run to the hospital.) If she needs more time to brew, then so be it. I don’t even have an induction date scheduled at this point.

A few months back I remembered that Maddox was born on the Harvest Moon (September’s Full Moon), so I looked up when this September’s full moon was thinking this second baby might have the same sort of lunar pull. When I saw that it was so far past my due date I immediately discounted that as an option. It never occurred to me that she would actually be this late! Now that today is the full moon, the Harvest Moon, it just seems too poetic not to hope that she makes her debut tonight.

“Babies born whenever a full moon occurs are said to live an extended and fruitful life. This is due to the full force of the moon’s brimming over with magical elements.”

Also instead of another Virgo, it looks like we are fully into Libra territory.

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