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J & K Wedding

h1 Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Last weekend we were up in Grass Valley, CA for the wedding of Jake & Kristin – Wahoo! Very exciting indeed. If ever two were meant to be together… The family and friends were fantastic, the ceremony was beautiful, and the food was delicious. I love that the entire event was held outdoors. When the sun went down and the music went up, the night became electric. The joy in the air was tangible. Oh how I adore weddings!

[Maddox’s wedding outfit]

[Eating a pretzel]

[During the ceremony with a fan]

Maddox had a blast at the wedding. He enjoyed playing with all of the kids, watching fish in the pond, gathering flowers and sticks, playing with toy princesses, staying up late enough to see the moon, experiencing his first night rain. He even picked out a special flower for his friend Riley. He is turning into quite the little gentleman.

[Getting ready to deliver a special flower]

After much deliberation, Maddox picked out the perfect flower for Riley.  He had one flower in each pocket, one for her and one for him.  It was so cute!  Though even his tantrums these days are pretty cute. What is that?  Maybe its my hormones, but I can’t help but to think he is the greatest thing in the entire universe.

This is pretty great stuff too:

Congratulations you guys!

Bird Themed Baby Shower

h1 Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

This past weekend I hosted a baby shower for my dear friends Sara & Mike.  The theme was birds/nests.  I wanted to make it beautiful and dainty. Think tea party meets baby girl baby shower.

Here are some photos.  (sorry about the lighting)



Cigars for the guys…



This is a little wish tree.  Guests write wishes for the baby or mom and dad on the cards and hang it from the pink ribbon.


I decorated the railing with a garland of twig type material and attached small artificial birds.  The morning of the event I tucked in a whole bunch of tiny pink roses. It really made the entry way feel very festive.  The front door had a wreath made of dried grapevine which also had fresh roses and artificial birds, along with faux flowers made from vintage gauze and a nest  I made by hand.


This is a photo of the right half of the favor table. In each box are two tasty and very fresh macaroons from Paulette Macaroons in Hayes Valley.  There were 4 flavors represented – Rose, Sweet Wedding Almond, Madagascar Vanilla, and Violet Cassis.


May Day Themed Baby Shower

h1 Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Recently I threw a May Day themed baby shower. Which basically means flowers and tons of them. Because the shower was in February and because I’m crafty, I decided to make a variety of paper flowers. The pom pom “flowers” were hung from the ceiling at both ends of the house. I think I made about 20 in a range of sizes.

Pink Pom Poms

Green Pom Pom

The shower was for my dear friend Minna who is expecting her first little nugget on May 1st (thus the theme).

Here are a couple shots of the food and drink spread.



The cupcakes in the previous post are shown here with frosting and decor. All in all I think we made 250 mini cupcakes. Needless to say we had a ton left over. Once I get into production mode, I just keep going!

Happy 1st Birthday – Part 2

h1 Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

In keeping with the weeks theme of Country Fair, the birthday party was all decked out. It was held at the grandparent’s house, in the front yard. We had all the must-have fair elements – Grandpa’s Blue Ribbon Chili, corndogs, lemonade, watermelon, a bull head for roping, and even a petting zoo (one rabbit)!

Thank you everyone who came out to help us celebrate!  It would not have been a celebration without our good friends and all our new baby and little girl friends!

Happy 1st Birthday – Part 1

h1 Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

In September we celebrated Maddox’s 1st Birthday by going down to LA to visit the grandparents. The theme of the week was Country Fair. We stayed at the Pomona fairgrounds where the LA County Fair is hosted so we could come and go to the fair as often as we pleased. I’m a HUGE fan of the Fair. I love everything about it (except the Midway). I love the farm animals, the food on a stick, the pulled pork and bbq ribs, the lemonade, the crafts, the homemade food contests, the buildings upon buildings filled with gadgets and got-to-have do-dads, the tram, the photography exhibits, the beer, the wine tent, the plant showrooms, and the childhood memories that all of those things bring back.


Maddox loves watching the animals, but wasn’t so sure about them when they were so close. He realized while he was busy looking one way at the goats, a sheep could sneak up from the other way and nudge his foot. He held his legs up as high as he could and his toes curled in for protection.


Eventually he decided it was safer to watch from atop Daddy’s shoulders.


This year the Fair had an African Safari theme. There was a whole area set up with exotic animals and “Rangers” standing by to answer questions. We saw camels, zebras, ostrich, wild dogs, a hedgehog, porcupine, and several other animals that I don’t remember. I think overall Maddox preferred the domestic farm animals area because we could get up close and personal.

Late one night with Maddox asleep in the Ergo, I was able to “pet” the albino hedgehog. It vibrated and stuck me every time I touched it. Later I went back during the day and pet the thing while it was asleep (no pricking). Ha!



[Drinks in hand, Yay for the Fair!]

Pasta Party

h1 Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

We had a little dinner party at Rob’s house this past weekend.
The menu: Homemade, hand-cut pasta with Braised Chicken, lacinato kale and wild mushrooms. Apple Pie






h1 Monday, September 22nd, 2008

How cute are these? They are so easy to make too! I have the feeling Maddox is going to have some great birthday parties! By the way he turns 1 week old today. He is growing up so fast. 

Little Red Wagon

h1 Saturday, July 19th, 2008

Getting ready for the baby shower!  

Sara made these adorable table centerpieces for our classic little red wagon theme. They are ridiculously cute!  We left them outside last night to freshen up and this morning each blade of grass has a single dewdrop.  So precious!