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h1 Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Its official.  The kid is crawling. July 18th Maddox started crawling for reals. Life has been changed forever. He is a little less complainy because he can get around himself and reach more things, but on the other hand he is more complainy because there are more things he is not allowed to have.  Also he doesn’t want to be held very much these days.  All he wants to do is crawl and pull things off shelves. I’m still trying to find a good place in the city to take him to crawl that is free from urban debris.

Here are a couple videos of Maddox in action:

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Happy Birthday Hubby!

h1 Thursday, July 30th, 2009


I woke Dallas up this morning with some happy birthday songs played on the bedroom speakers – an instrumental version, and a NKOTB version. We opened gifts and had a birthday breakfast before he went off to work. Happy Birthday!

These photos are from a picnic about a month ago up in Tilden Park, Berkeley.


Not Ay-Dah

h1 Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Ages ago Cheyenne made the cutest little plush doll for her daughter. As soon as I read about it on her blog I knew I had to make my baby one. Of course weeks turned to months, and months turned to more months and it never happened. Cheyenne was kind enough to then also make my baby one. Thank you!

Well I finally got around to making one myself. It isn’t the most well made thing I’ve ever done, but it was fun to make. I used an old brown cashmere sweater I never wear, and a retro looking stretched out T-shirt of Dallas’, with a sprinkling of coral fabric that we used as table runners in our wedding. I really like that I was able to work in fabric from personal sources. Along with organic cotton batting, I also packed the doll with empty baby wipes packaging to make it crinkle. The ears are stiff with the crinkle material.


Oilcloth Tote Bag

h1 Thursday, July 30th, 2009


I saw a pattern for this oilcloth bag on The Purl Bee and just had to make it. I am pretty good at using reusable bags whenever I go out shopping. It is nice that I now can carry one that doesn’t have the name of a grocery store plastered on the side.

I used the same brand of fabric they did, just different patterns. It is a high quality oilcloth with a linen backing. I used two colors of thread. The bobbin color (inside the bag) is green, and the main thread is coral/pink.

Here is my bag:



On Food and Eating

h1 Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Maddox has been doing really well adjusting to “solid” food. He is beginning to be more picky, but for the most part he is a good eater. He used to eat a ton, but that has tapered off and he is satisfied with one small bowl of food and a handful of “O’s“. He LOVES O’s. I thought he’d love picking up all food and putting it in his mouth, but not so – just O’s. He is perfectly happy being fed chunks of banana, cheese, potato, etc, but if I put them on his tray he just pushes them over the edge in denial.


I need to start feeding him more big boy food. I have a book of recipes that I plan to get started on any day now. It appears that I will have to make more food a la minute, and less can be frozen ahead.  Joy.  Beyond pureed vegetables and fruits he eats scrambled egg yolk, cheese, O’s, banana, plum (from our tree), cottage cheese, and yogurt.  Not a huge repertoire, but its a start. He pretty much wants to live off of fruit and yogurt.  Anything else is received with a squished up face and much gagging and shuddering. Its all very dramatic, like I’m trying to poison him. He also will wave his entire arm back and forth as to say  “No. Yuck, get that thing away from me!”. This is a similar arm motion that sends chunks of food other than O’s flying off his tray.


This squished up nose face above is his current smiling on purpose look.  At least that is our guess. Since this photo was taken last month there are more variations on the face.


Happy 4th of July!

h1 Saturday, July 4th, 2009