Not Ay-Dah

h1 July 30th, 2009

Ages ago Cheyenne made the cutest little plush doll for her daughter. As soon as I read about it on her blog I knew I had to make my baby one. Of course weeks turned to months, and months turned to more months and it never happened. Cheyenne was kind enough to then also make my baby one. Thank you!

Well I finally got around to making one myself. It isn’t the most well made thing I’ve ever done, but it was fun to make. I used an old brown cashmere sweater I never wear, and a retro looking stretched out T-shirt of Dallas’, with a sprinkling of coral fabric that we used as table runners in our wedding. I really like that I was able to work in fabric from personal sources. Along with organic cotton batting, I also packed the doll with empty baby wipes packaging to make it crinkle. The ears are stiff with the crinkle material.


One comment to “Not Ay-Dah”

  1. Oh my gosh I can’t believe I missed this post! The bright coral ears are awesome. Ronin and I were looking at your website so that she could see who Maddox was (I was telling her about Maddox’s first birthday party) and we scrolled down to this page and she pointed and said, “Ay-dah!”