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Transitions – Part 2

h1 Thursday, November 5th, 2009


Maddox and I have been starting to get our groove back. We are starting to think about falling into a routine here in the new house. With Halloween travel behind us we have a few weeks to settle in and unpack. Part of our daily routine is taking Charlotte to the new dog park (Stern Grove) which we all really enjoy. It is so relaxing. There are trees, and ducks, and dogs – all things Maddox knows well and loves to point out. He also enjoys holding a stick while we walk around. Inevitably though, Charlotte yanks the stick from his hand and chews it to bits while Maddox just stares in disbelief. Life with a dog.


After days of packing, work people in and out, agent phone calls, bank delays, and 2 moving trucks – we finally transition into our new home. Although our “stuff” life is in disarray, my emotional health has already greatly improved, and Maddox seems to be sleeping better (though I know I shouldn’t get too excited yet). The house itself is fantastic, the neighborhood is amazing, and the people have been so nice! The local Italian restaurant owner noticed our moving trucks and brought us over a free large pizza. It hit the spot. The neighbors behind us in the nursing home sent us a gorgeous flower arrangement, and people stop to talk WITHOUT asking for money!

We are a stones throw from a cute village with most things we need (Coffee, Hardware, Pharmacy, Toy Store). Also we are right by a MUNI stop which makes it super convenient for Dallas to get to work, and for people to visit. I’m totally in the Honeymoon Period with this new house and neighborhood. I look forward to raising a family here and calling it home for a long time to come.


[Our new back yard]

Every morning Maddox and I go out to the yard to let the dog out and just sit and enjoy the trees and fresh air. Its a very relaxing 15 minutes and a great way to start the day on the right foot. I went out to the yard today to rake some leaves and do a general poke and prod of the yard. While I tinkered, Maddox played and hung out without my needing to intervene to say things like “Don’t put that in your mouth”, or “No”, or “Don’t go over there”.


Maddox dug in the dirt with a spoon for a while, and he tried to help me rake, but the rake was too heavy. Now I see why “They” make kid sized everything (brooms, play vacuums, kitchen appliances, cell phones etc). Just this week I was pa-shawing them, now I want a baby broom or rake. Maddox just loves emulating and helping, it seems a shame not to give him the opportunity. Also today while I was raking he started yelling “Da! Da!” to get my attention and was pointing under the stairs. I look over and Charlotte is going to town digging a hole in our new yard! It was so funny that Maddox totally told on Charlotte!


[Charlotte on squirrel patrol]

Transitions – Part 1

h1 Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Its been a busy couple weeks! We just moved into a new home in a new neighborhood. Grandma was here to help during the transition which was an immense help. She was able to hang out with Maddox, and we were able to focus on getting our house ready to sell, get our new house through escrow, pack and move!


Turns out we have a LOT of stuff. It will take us weeks to unpack. We set a really early date for a housewarming party, so that will help light a fire under us. Multiple people have told us to just get it out of a box. Whatever it is, get it out. Even if it is in a pile in the corner, its better than in a box. I guess the thinking is that if it stays in a box too long, we’ll forget it, and never unpack it. So I’ve been doing the best I can to unpack quickly, but it isn’t the easiest thing to do with a 1 year old around.


Packing with a 1 year old was equally difficult (though in the end we hired packers to help out). We would pack things in a box, and Maddox would pull them out again. It was impossible to make much progress without the hired help and the help of some very nice friends.



I must say he has been much more helpful with the unpacking! He loves pulling things out of boxes. So I have him unpack things like dvds and books. The dvds end up all over the room, but for some reason he is fairly gentle with the books and enjoys stacking them. He is quite the little helper these days. Today he helped me push the shopping cart. I was wearing him in the Baby Ergo and he had his hand right next to mine on the shopping cart. He helped me clean up a spill today with a towel. So cute! I love all the imitation that he has been doing lately.

The other day on the shuttle between the airport and the parking lot he held on to the bar just like I was. Everybody on the bus thought it was hilariously cute (and it was). I took an iPhone photo to remember it: