Transitions – Part 1

h1 November 4th, 2009

Its been a busy couple weeks! We just moved into a new home in a new neighborhood. Grandma was here to help during the transition which was an immense help. She was able to hang out with Maddox, and we were able to focus on getting our house ready to sell, get our new house through escrow, pack and move!


Turns out we have a LOT of stuff. It will take us weeks to unpack. We set a really early date for a housewarming party, so that will help light a fire under us. Multiple people have told us to just get it out of a box. Whatever it is, get it out. Even if it is in a pile in the corner, its better than in a box. I guess the thinking is that if it stays in a box too long, we’ll forget it, and never unpack it. So I’ve been doing the best I can to unpack quickly, but it isn’t the easiest thing to do with a 1 year old around.


Packing with a 1 year old was equally difficult (though in the end we hired packers to help out). We would pack things in a box, and Maddox would pull them out again. It was impossible to make much progress without the hired help and the help of some very nice friends.



I must say he has been much more helpful with the unpacking! He loves pulling things out of boxes. So I have him unpack things like dvds and books. The dvds end up all over the room, but for some reason he is fairly gentle with the books and enjoys stacking them. He is quite the little helper these days. Today he helped me push the shopping cart. I was wearing him in the Baby Ergo and he had his hand right next to mine on the shopping cart. He helped me clean up a spill today with a towel. So cute! I love all the imitation that he has been doing lately.

The other day on the shuttle between the airport and the parking lot he held on to the bar just like I was. Everybody on the bus thought it was hilariously cute (and it was). I took an iPhone photo to remember it:


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  1. Great post! Great to see new pics of Maddox and get updates on your move. I am loving this age too. As I type this Sage is pretending to vacuum with one of the attachments b/c I just did a quick vacuum of some crumbs. Trouble seems to be lurking right around the corner though. He is way more in tune with what is on tables and out of reach (and how to get to it). As always, I wish we were close by so we could have play dates!