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Snaggle Tooth

h1 Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

I was able to get a couple decent shots of Maddox’s teeth…



Two Teeth & Counting

h1 Friday, March 20th, 2009

We finally have a shot where you can see Maddox’s two bottom teeth! They are very cute and very sharp. Our little Mr. Snaggle-Tooth.


{Kahana, Maui}

He is still getting the hang of nursing without getting his teeth in the way. It isn’t so bad when he accidently rubs me with his teeth, but when he bites for real…  OMG.  So un-cool.  

Teething has picked up as of late – especially the painful, crying, crazy part. His incoming teeth seem to bother him most in the evenings and through the night. He gets really frustrated when the pain doesn’t stop when he bites on things. He chews on toys then rips them out of his mouth with enough force that I keep half expecting one of his teeth to come flying out of his mouth. 

One night (on the 5 hour flight home from Hawaii), the pain and crying was enough that we gave him baby Tylenol. It seemed to help some, but you could still tell he was uncomfortable. How much of that was the teething, and how much was the airplane/time change/sleepiness who knows.

For the past week or so he has been waking up numerous times in the night. The pediatrician is guessing its because of teething pain. Yesterday I dragged my sleep deprived self (and baby) down to Lullaby Lane and cleaned them out of nearly all their teether toys. I admit I may have gone a little crazy, but if he gets any relief from the pile of plastic colored rubber and water filled things then I am satisfied. So far the favorite is this berry silicone teether.


Cutie Patootie

h1 Friday, March 20th, 2009


Hanging out on the couch in Hawaii.  Maddox is quite the sitter these days!

A Visit and A Birthday

h1 Monday, March 2nd, 2009

My birthday snuck up on me this year. A last minute style Monday Birthday Lunch was organized. Coincidentally our friend Angel and her baby son flew in to visit on the same day! It all worked out really well and I had a lovely birthday. We ate at Nettie’s Crab Shack (I had a yummy Lobster Roll). Then we feasted on Chocolate Velvet Cupcakes from Kara’s. Yum!


The boys showing off their Tummy Time skillz…

Sage is a pro!  He is trying to roll over, but Maddox is in the way.