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Lemons in the Afternoon Sun

h1 Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

I have the worst headache today. I’ve been pretty much useless. The only time my head isn’t pounding is when I nap. Therefore I’ve already taken two today. All I can do is sit and watch the sun play on the walls. I thought it looked especially pretty on my lemon display.


Easter Bay BBQ

h1 Monday, March 24th, 2008

Pete & Kim initiated an East-er Bay BBQ over at Albany Bulb. It was pretty much the most perfect thing to do yesterday. The sun was warm, and the view of the bay and the city was amazing. The one easter goodie I was craving the most was there! I guess it must be a classic. A mini sandwich composed of a roll (preferably the Hawaiian kind), ham (can be honey baked or not, this one was), and dijon mustard. MMmmm MMmm Good!


The way the story of Albany Bulb goes is that it used to be a landfill. Then after that it was a homeless camp. Then a couple years ago the homeless were kicked out, and now it is kind of a nature area, with lots of old junk, and a spectacular view of the city. The area we were at has a neat little skate bowl and a built in barbeque.


Doggie Park

h1 Thursday, March 20th, 2008

Every day I take Charlotte to an off-leash dog park. Today, possibly because it is the first day of Spring, I had the urge to be somewhere nature-y. Fort Funston seemed too far, and Charlotte doesn’t behave at Bernal Hill, so Mclaren Park was the destination.

Charlotte had a blast running around on the grassy hills. In some places the grass was so deep I could only see her when she bounded up and over the grass. The wildflowers are blooming and Spring is in the air!


Charlotte went in the lake, but only up to her elbows. She was content standing on the shore and watching the other dogs swim about.


h1 Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Its Spring and I’ve been bit by the crafty-knitty-redecoratey-paint the walls-redo the yard bug. We have been talking about getting a new couch for months, but it was never the #1 priority. When we were at Room & Board shopping for an office armoire, we decided to get the André Couch and Chair in Teton Pewter.
They arrived on Tuesday and really make the house feel like grown-ups live here.


30 seconds of nonsense

h1 Thursday, March 13th, 2008


Kind of a random website. Check it out, and hang there for at least 30 seconds.