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Sweater Bunny

h1 Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Just before Easter I saw this tutorial for making an adorable plush bunny out of recycled sweaters. I barely have enough time to maintain a happy baby and a clean home, but somehow I will make this guy (even if it takes me until next Easter!). I will make Maddox a plush toy. I will make Maddox a plush toy. I will make Maddox a plush toy.


This pattern for an owl plush toy uses old baby wipes packaging to make the toy crinkly. For some reason babies LOVE crinkly. If Maddox is having a fit, the only sure thing that will calm him is if I allow him to play with the wipes – crinkle, crinkle, crinkle! One of these days I’ll make a crinkly bunny!

Happy Easter

h1 Tuesday, April 14th, 2009


We went up north and spent the day with family. Maddox was given a head start for the easter egg hunt! He did really well. I found the egg then held him near it and he would lean over and pick it up. It took a couple times for him to realize what he was supposed to be doing – but he did get it!  Over and over again, we collected eggs from around the yard. He really enjoyed chewing on the plastic eggs, but even more than that he loved the grass. It occurred to me that he has never actually sat on grass. Is that sad? He stroked it, and picked it and ate it. Good day in the country.



Solo Nap

h1 Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

After about an hours work and almost as much crying, Maddox is taking what is pretty much his first solo nap in his own crib, in his own room. I’m guessing he’ll wake up after about 10 minutes and realize where he is (not in my arms), and freak out.


h1 Monday, April 6th, 2009


We got back from Hawaii a few weeks ago. Things have been a little bumpy since we’ve been home in terms of sleep, and health. We have all been dragging a bit. Its hard to tell if it is sickness trying to take us down, allergies, or just general exhaustion. All of a sudden Maddox no longer wants to sleep in his own bed, and on top of that he wakes up crying . He is not hungry when he wakes up, so the pediatrician is guessing it is teething pain waking him. Awesome.

Here are some cute photos from Maui:

“Solid” Food

h1 Sunday, April 5th, 2009


The pediatrician recommended we introduce only 1 new food a week. We just completed the 3rd week of “solid” food.
Week 1: Rice Cereal mixed with breast milk
Week 2: Spinach Purée (in addition to rice cereal)
Week 3: Pea Purée (in addition to rice cereal)

Yesterday before the actual completion of week 3, I decided to introduce apple purée at dinner time. Maddox’s system was beginning to get clogged up from all of the greens and I figured apples were the best way to sort that out. It worked, btw. I’ll spare you the details.

Today he had apple and rice cereal for breakfast (much easier to deal with the apple aftermath when its not 4am), and peas with rice cereal for lunch, then just rice cereal for dinner  (we went out to dinner last minute and i didn’t want to deal with the frozen purée).


I’ve been making all of the fruit and veggie purées myself from farmer’s market organic produce – of course. I use Earth’s Best Whole Grain Organic Baby Rice Cereal (I opted for not bothering to make my own). I’ve been making medium sized batches of the purée and freezing it in baby ice cube trays, then popping them out, individually wrapping them and putting them in freezer bags. So far I’ve made spinach, pea, butternut squash, apple, broccoli, and carrot. Its been really neat being able to introduce him to produce during the Spring. It is my favorite season for produce. Especially all the peas and fava beans! yum! 


Maddox has taken the new food in stride. The first meal of any new food has resulted in funny faces, full body shutters, gagging, and eye watering – but in the end he has eaten all of every meal. Usually after 2 meals of a new food, he is pretty adjusted to it and no longer squishes his face up.

Here is his first taste of peas…

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Beautiful Plumage

h1 Friday, April 3rd, 2009

My dear friend Heidi is getting married, and I have offered to help by doing her wedding flowers. I’m so excited! Love, Spring, Flowers! I have been hanging out on for a while now. So many gorgeous weddings filled with perfect bouquets and arrangements! It is so inspiring!