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Pillow Talk

h1 Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

As I lay here in my cozy bed, I feel so much love for my dear little baby Maddox. It’s in these moments when the house is quiet and the world slows down that my love for him wells up inside of me and brings tears to my eyes. I could lay here for hours just listening to him breathe.

I am excited to watch him grow up into a little boy, then a teenager, and eventually a man. I can hardly wait! But at the same time I want it all to slow down so I can savour him and hold on to every moment. I love you Maddox!

Happy Birthday Dallas!

h1 Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Today Dallas turns another year older.  Happy Birthday Honey!

It’s a Scorcher!

h1 Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Right now (12:16 pm) it is very hot in San Francisco.  We consider a 75 degree day to be hot.  If it hits 75, you can bet people will be picnicking and frolicking in every park and in every bar and cafe with an outside courtyard.  Today, right now, its 98.4 degrees.  

Our black dog doesn’t know what to do with herself.  She is roasty.  I think I might give her a bath in the cool hose water in order to give her some relief.  




I just checked the temp again.  4:05 pm and it is 106 degrees!

Spaghetti Legs & Tossing Cookies (almost)

h1 Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

Today was my first day meeting and working out with my personal trainer. Holy Cow!! He wasn’t kidding last week when he said he’d try to keep me from throwing up. It was hard work. Much of the work was indeed trying to keep my breakfast down. My arms were shaking. My legs were shaking. I’m told tomorrow it might hurt to even wash my hair!

What have I been doing all these years? How is it that i am so out of shape? Well, no more! I’m so excited to be doing this. I feel really lucky to be able to have a trainer that is focusing on just me the whole time. Pushing me to my limits. Encouraging me to be strong. Showing me the proper way to do all of the exercises. Taking the guess work out of working out.

I’m looking forward to the point where I am not so sick the whole time. I’m going to try to do some cardio during the couple days off that I don’t see him. Tomorrow I’m going to start with a long steep walk up one of our local San Francisco hills. This is so good for me – in so many ways. 😎

Gin, for all of lifes lessons

h1 Thursday, May 11th, 2006

In case you missed Brett’s 3 part series entitled “Drinking Gin Like a Civilized Human Being” you must go check it out now. i mean it. drop whatever it is you are doing, stop reading this blog and go follow this link.

Locals Only

h1 Wednesday, May 10th, 2006

If you ask me, the only flip-flop worth wearing are the brand Locals. They are exclusively sold in Hawaii where they are called “Slippers”. Whenever i go (which is rarely) i pick up a pair. Or if i can catch someone who is going then i try to get them to buy me a pair or two. The most recent Hawaiian trip was made by Dallas a couple years ago. He brought me back 3 pairs. One pair was too small (which i gave away), and the other 2 pairs i have been wearing ever since. A funny thing about these fabulous slippers is that they only cost about $2. What a deal!

Our puppy, Charlotte, has chewed my last 2 pairs this month. I guess she likes the feel of the rubber foamy stuff on her teeth. I’ve been wearing them a lot recently since San Francisco has started to warm up and feel summery so they’ve been out and about right at puppy nose level. She actually chewed through my last pair a week ago, but i decided to keep wearing them anyway. They looked pretty tattered and had bite marks on them, but hey… Anyway today i didn’t realize in time that she had woken up from a nap and she managed to chew the strap off 8-(

So thats it. The end of my Locals.



Or so i thought!
Likitty-split Dallas found some on eBay.
They are being sold by a college girl in Hawaii. How great!
So click click click, and i should have them by next week! (i love happy endings)

Oh! And here are the new ones which will make their debut in Mexico!


Lunch at Chez Panisse

h1 Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006

Today I went to Chez Panisse Cafe for lunch with my friend Minna. I hadn’t been back since i stopped working there in December. Fantastic meal! and it was really really nice to see all those friendly faces. i should go more often.

what we ate:
4 appetizers-

Washington State oysters on the half shell with mignonette sauce
Champagne to wash them down

Roasted beets, carrot salad with cumin and lime, and herb jam on flatbread
Bourgogne Vezelay, La Chatelaine, Domaine de la Cadette, France

Cardoon and frisée salad with grilled anchoïade toast

Asparagus with lemon cream, chervil, and bottarga di muggine

2 entrees-

Pan Fried Alaskan halibut with pickled vegetables and parsley mayonnaise

Grilled Hoffman Farm chicken al mattone with Belgian endive, potato-celery gratin, and salsa verde
Westrey Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, Oregon

2 desserts-

Pineapple sherbet with kumquat confit and gingersnaps

A bowl of Jim Churchill’s Pixie tangerines and Black Sphinx dates

Thread Count

h1 Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

“When Good Housekeeping analyzed sample sheets, it found manufacturers exaggerating their thread count by three to five times. They found one sheet that was labeled as having a 1,500 thread count, but it actually only had 300 threads per square inch.”

ABC News


h1 Sunday, March 26th, 2006

this beautiful sunny sunday seemed the perfect day to have another couple over for brunch in the garden. the day was perfect. we had fresh flowers, pate, cheese, fruit, pastries, champagne, and really good company. the four of us were hanging out around our patio table when all of a sudden from the next yard over flew a 40 oz beer bottle (with beer) and hit dallas smack on the head! it bounced off his head and shattered on the ground beside us. dallas spent a few hours in the emergency room. the police came by the house and we filed a report, but it didn’t seem like they were going to do anything at all. 8-( i guess if anything ever happens again, we have this incident on file.

it really was a bummer how the whole day got turned upside down by our stupid jerk-head neighbors.

dallas is home now. he seems mostly okay (though a bit nauseous) . earlier, at the ER, he was complaining of spotty vision and a headache. he had to get the laceration cleaned out and then stapled shut.

here is a photo of dallas staple! (he’s so hardcore!)


Back to the real world…

h1 Thursday, October 6th, 2005

i just finished up a very long jury duty stint and i am getting ready to go back to work. i feel as if the world was on hold for the last month. my life as juror #6 was pretty surreal. i am glad that i was able to sit on the trial and learn so much about other people and their lives. i am always amazed at how many different sorts of people are out there in the world.