h1 March 26th, 2006

this beautiful sunny sunday seemed the perfect day to have another couple over for brunch in the garden. the day was perfect. we had fresh flowers, pate, cheese, fruit, pastries, champagne, and really good company. the four of us were hanging out around our patio table when all of a sudden from the next yard over flew a 40 oz beer bottle (with beer) and hit dallas smack on the head! it bounced off his head and shattered on the ground beside us. dallas spent a few hours in the emergency room. the police came by the house and we filed a report, but it didn’t seem like they were going to do anything at all. 8-( i guess if anything ever happens again, we have this incident on file.

it really was a bummer how the whole day got turned upside down by our stupid jerk-head neighbors.

dallas is home now. he seems mostly okay (though a bit nauseous) . earlier, at the ER, he was complaining of spotty vision and a headache. he had to get the laceration cleaned out and then stapled shut.

here is a photo of dallas staple! (he’s so hardcore!)


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  1. […] I spent about 3 hours of my Sunday afternoon in the emergency room getting a staple put in my head to close up a small cut I got when a 40 oz beer bottle smacked me. The bottle was thrown over our fence from the third-floor rear balcony of the apartment building next door. We didn’t see who threw it so the police can’t do anything. You can see the staple in the little picture. There’s more details on the coverage. We were having a great time for the few hours before the bottle attacked me so the day ended up ok overall. Not my favorite Sunday ever, but not the worst either. […]

  2. I can see brains!

  3. Dallas has now joined an elite clan of “metal heads”. Their fearless leader is none other than my dad. I got to see a good portion of his skull before they started the stapling….


  4. ouch! thats serious.

  5. Wow, sorry to hear that.