Circolo Restaurant Review

h1 April 3rd, 2006


Dallas and i recently found Circolo on a hunt for neighborhood cocktails. We had been a couple times for drinks (i am a fan of their Key Lime Martini), and this time we decided to try out their dinner.

We started with the Circolo Ceviche Duet. Pretty tasty. I really enjoyed the fried yuka chips that went with it.

I ordered:
Lemon Grass Roasted Chicken
tequila reduction, corn bread and white onion relish, chayote dumpling.

I did not really get into my entree. When it arrived all I could see on the plate was chicken and more chicken. There were 3 pieces total. A huge thick breast, a leg, and a thigh – all in all, 1/2 chicken! holy cow! i was overwhelmed by my plate before i even started. underneath i found the extras – which i was unable to identify. it looked just like thanksgiving stuffing. Not too bad, but a little soft and bready, and not much in the way of offsetting the dry chicken. there was a sauce, which was good, but very little of it – not enough to make the chicken seem moist. Also there was no sign of a vegetable anywhere. the plate was all about the chicken. with so much of a focus on the chicken, i would have liked to see a little more care go into the cooking of it. It was dry, and the skin was a bit goobly goo in places.

i’m sure we’ll go back there for cocktails, and perhaps an appetizer at the bar, but i won’t bother with dinner again. there are too many restaurants in San Francisco to give them all a second chance.

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  1. I ordered a duet of salmon and it was pretty good. The Ceviche Duet was definitely the highlight of the meal, though!