Locals Only

h1 May 10th, 2006

If you ask me, the only flip-flop worth wearing are the brand Locals. They are exclusively sold in Hawaii where they are called “Slippers”. Whenever i go (which is rarely) i pick up a pair. Or if i can catch someone who is going then i try to get them to buy me a pair or two. The most recent Hawaiian trip was made by Dallas a couple years ago. He brought me back 3 pairs. One pair was too small (which i gave away), and the other 2 pairs i have been wearing ever since. A funny thing about these fabulous slippers is that they only cost about $2. What a deal!

Our puppy, Charlotte, has chewed my last 2 pairs this month. I guess she likes the feel of the rubber foamy stuff on her teeth. I’ve been wearing them a lot recently since San Francisco has started to warm up and feel summery so they’ve been out and about right at puppy nose level. She actually chewed through my last pair a week ago, but i decided to keep wearing them anyway. They looked pretty tattered and had bite marks on them, but hey… Anyway today i didn’t realize in time that she had woken up from a nap and she managed to chew the strap off 8-(

So thats it. The end of my Locals.



Or so i thought!
Likitty-split Dallas found some on eBay.
They are being sold by a college girl in Hawaii. How great!
So click click click, and i should have them by next week! (i love happy endings)

Oh! And here are the new ones which will make their debut in Mexico!


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