Due Date Confusion

h1 September 12th, 2008

I had always had 2 different dates in my head as to when this baby was due. Looking back I’m not sure if I got the Sept 8 date only from a baby website, or if an actual medical person also told it to me. The other date I was given was Sept 10, and that is the date that the midwife is going by. SO… I’m only going on 2 days late now, not the 4 as originally thought. Which all in all I guess doesn’t matter much. It at least gives me more time before they medically induce, which is good. I was just so attached to the Sept 8 date for some reason. Gotta let it go!

Today I have someone from Sapana Acupunture (in Berkeley) coming over to induce me. The midwife yesterday gave us the go ahead to get started on that. At this point in the pregnancy, the concern is that the placenta might be running out of nutrients and wearing thin, and the sac running low on amniotic fluid. So early next week I have an appointment to determine how everything is holding up. They will do this through fetal heart monitoring, and ultrasound. We are all hoping that the baby comes before that appointment. 

My friend Houston had a dream last night about Sept 13. Although he has been pushing for a Libra (Sept 23 can you believe that!?), 9/13 = good strong mexican power numbers, so he’s on board with that. I could do Sept 13! And with the acupuncture, perhaps I will!

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  1. I hope everything goes well! Good luck!