Charlotte is a dog

h1 May 30th, 2008

I took the camera to the dog park today (known as the dp around here). Pretty much every picture of Charlotte was not so great. Many were blurry, while some were photos of her back, or the focus was on the wrong object because she moved. With a wiggly impatient dog, I notice the lag of our camera. I guess its just a digital thing? I’ll just have to try more often – I’m bound to get a good one eventually.

4 comments to “Charlotte is a dog”

  1. Does your camera have a “continuous” mode? Where you hold down the trigger and it takes several shots per second? It’s good for taking photos of moving things (squirmy babies, flowers on windy days, low light..)–usually one will turn out.

  2. It does have a continuous mode, yeah. I should show Vida how to use it. 😎

  3. babies move around a lot too so it is good that you are getting practice pics with charlotte

  4. […] always liked to watch the dogs in the park, but it was bumped up a notch after her encounter with Charlotte. Who introduced herself with an enthusiastic lick to the face. Ronin was stunned into silence. The […]