doggie kennel

h1 March 14th, 2006

well, we just picked up charlotte from the doggie kennel. she was there 5 full days while we were out of town and had her share of drama and stress. A very nice person from puppy class offered to take her on a walk one day while we were away. this was a fabulous offer because the kennel doesn’t take her on walks – they just do free play (and in my opinion not enough). Anyway… our friend called us while we were away to let us know that charlotte’s eyes were blood shot and VERY red. after much back and forth with the kennel, the friend, and the vet, charlotte went to see an emergency vet on sunday afternoon.

No ulcers were present, no oozing. the vet wasn’t sure but he thinks the red eyes were caused from her hitting her head. 8-( the official diagnosis is: “Subconjunctival Hemorrhage probably traumatic in origin.”

she is presently on the couch chewing on a dried beef tendon – yum! her eyes are still red, but we think its fading. her behavior is not entirely normal – she is a little timid with me and overly submissive to other dogs.

we just returned from puppy class where she was very well behaved. next week is puppy intermediate graduation!! yay! she has to perform a trick. we have yet to choose a trick.

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