Baby Gown

h1 August 22nd, 2008

The other day I came across a little How-To on making an old t-shirt into a Newborn Gown. So I made Dallas rummage through all of his clothes and pick out something that he was okay with me cutting up and giving new life. The victim, his Tony Hawk long sleeve t.

Here it is in 2002:
(Already a bit faded and stretched out.)

It took me a bit of cutting and taping to get the pattern in working order after I downloaded it. Turns out you need to resize it to fit an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper too. I realized this once I had the pattern all taped together and it was my size! Still even the new smaller version seems quite big for a newborn, but in a couple months I’m sure it will fit just fine. Eventually I plan to cut the bottom off and transform it into a kid sized t-shirt. I think it will have slightly longer life that way.


Finished product:

I think it will be easier to sew things for our baby once I know how big babies and kids actually are. Right now its all a guessing game. (I mean, I’d totally be guessing anyway but at least I’d have him to hold garments up to and see how off I am before committing.) The thing is once he’s here, I won’t have as much time and energy to actually sew anything. Oh well. That’s why they invented stores.


2 comments to “Baby Gown”

  1. OMG – this is TOO cute! Maddox is going to be one stylin’ baby!

  2. Hopefully it fits him at some point! I can always make it into a t-shirt though if the proportions are off. I want to cut up all of Dallas’ shirts now!