Screen Printing, Project 1

h1 August 30th, 2008

Just completed my very first screen printing project! Wahoo! Dallas was a good helper and looked super cute in his little art apron and gloves.  

The guy at the art store told me I could get the screen filler out just by using a soft bristled brush and regular dishwashing soap – Wrong! I scrub and scrub to no avail. Looks like I’ll have to go buy some actual screen filler remover liquid.

It seems like such a waste to clear the screen and make a new design, but how many chicks do i really need? 

The design was something I saw on a stamp that I altered slightly. Perhaps its a bit girlish, but I liked it, so now the kid has got to wear it. 


Now I just have to let the paint dry completely, then heat set the design with an iron. I think it will be nerve wracking the first time I wash the garment, but no more so than the first time I have to wash the kid. 

One comment to “Screen Printing, Project 1”

  1. I want one in my size! So darling!!! 🙂