M is for Moustache

h1 November 11th, 2010

For a year now, I’ve had a ‘Stash of Stashes’ in our side table drawer. They were from The Pretty Little Things Club. The other day Maddox pulled them out and decided it was time to for the family to wear moustaches. We were instantly on board – who doesn’t love an impromptu moustache party??

Next time Lily will have to get in on the moustache action! Because she was only a 2 weeks old, we decided to let it slide this time.

2 comments to “M is for Moustache”

  1. That third picture — with you in it — is a crack up! Look @ Maddox’ expression. Great fun.

  2. Here in Ireland a lot of men grown moustaches to raise money for men’s cancer awareness. They call it “Mo-vember”. Maddox is ahead of the game in participating in the States!