Messy Dinner

h1 January 7th, 2010

A little while back I started to incorporate purees back into the dinner routine so Maddox could get some practice with the spoon and bowl.  By the end of the meal there is goop above his eyes, on his nose, in his hair and smeared all over his tray. Here is a little video of him finishing up dinner tonight.

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3 comments to “Messy Dinner”

  1. I cannot even believe how many teeth he has. I’m so jealous. Also–this is the first time I’ve seen the red marks on his cheeks! Looks like he had a big slice of watermelon for dinner. Did anyone ever come up with a good answer for why this happened?

  2. What a happy little guy!

  3. Its called Frey’s Syndrome. He got a bit of nerve damage on both sides of his face from the forceps delivery. From what I’ve read it should heal and disappear by age 2 or 3. hopefully! In adults this condition is usually caused by dental surgery and does not go away.