Rainy Day Bubbles

h1 April 10th, 2012

I’m inside snug as a bug, while my 3.5 year old is outside romping around in the rain.  Its nice that he is old enough that he can explore on his own without me there at every moment. He spent a while looking for snails, emptying containers that had been filled with rain water overnight, and playing in the sandbox.  Then he noticed the bubble container that we had left out.  So he has been blowing bubbles on the back deck for a while.  When the door glass had become so soapy from flying bubbles, the activity morphed into window washing with a spray bottle and rag. Then once the window was clean and dry, he asked for my foaming hand soap and purple water. Now there are purple suds streaming down the window. Fun!

One comment to “Rainy Day Bubbles”

  1. Yes! So WONDERFUL to watch. In his own little world 🙂