Cleared Out

h1 January 23rd, 2008



The tree, stump, and broken bush have all been cleared out. Its time to prep the ground for new plantings. We will most likely get the same kind of tree which is an Australian Willow, then plant some drought tolerant plants in the bed around it – probably lavender.

It seems the tree was getting too much water and the base was starting to rot out. When we moved in to this house someone had already installed an irrigation system in the yard. We ripped out what we could by hand, and the stump grinder finished the work. So the area now is clear and ready for some drought tolerant plants. I’m thinking of doing a Mediterranean/Napa style garden. We’ll see.
At any rate, I’m embracing the new start the storm has forced on me.

2 comments to “Cleared Out”

  1. Is this your backyard?! In SF? We have a backyard too (in Rochester, NY) and I want to plant a small garden (herbs and stuff?). I don’t really know how to do it. Do you?

  2. Yep! This is our yard in SF! Its winter, so its not as pretty as it can be – especially without that tree. For herbs, sun is the most important thing. You can do it in pots or in the ground. Depending on your soil, you may want to amend it with a commercial organic compost first. Then just go to the nursery and buy little 6 packs of sprouted herbs, and plant away!