4 Month Check-up

h1 January 14th, 2009

I was anxious about today’s visit since the weekend. I feel so badly when they have to poke and prod my baby. Maddox was already a little cranky today because the appointment was smack dab in the middle of his morning nap time. Back when we made the appointment he wasn’t on any sort of schedule yet. Now we know better, and his 6 month check-up is before his nap time. He was a trooper today, none the less.

This time, I remembered to write out a list of all the things I wanted to ask the pediatrician.

    Freezing, thawing breast milk
    Face scratching
    Teething & when to use Tylonol
    Solid Foods
    Boogie extraction

I have several bottles worth of breast milk frozen. Last week or so I decided to pull the oldest one out and thaw it to see how the baby liked it. I thawed it slowly in cool water. It ended up smelling fishy. We have nothing fishy in the freezer, so something happened during the freezing or thawing process. I thought that maybe it was just old, so I thawed the most recent bag. It too was fishy smelling. They didn’t smell sour or rancid like bad milk, but they did have some sort of funk going on. We figured it was probably not bad, but instead of chancing it, I just tossed both. Today the pediatrician said that it was most likely not bad, and if the baby takes it, then its fine. She said the baby won’t drink bad milk. That is kind of what we figured, but I’ve only got one baby and lots of milk. Better be safe than sick.

Face Scratching – part of life. Deal with it and try to minimize it.

Teething & Tylenol – she advises against Tylonol until the discomfort becomes fairly bad. Start with cold teethers for numbing. Oragel #1 doesn’t work.

Solid Foods – wait until 6 months. or 5 1/2 mo. with total head control. Rice cereal with breast milk.

Boogie Extraction – she squirted saline water up each of his nostrils until he blew it out. The GIANT sticky boogie flew out and stuck to his porcupine onsie. It looked uncomfortable, but very effective. She sent us home with a couple more saline sticks for future baby torture.

Weight 18lb 14.3 oz (100 %)
Height 25 3/8 in (75 %)
Head Cir 16 in (41 1/2 cm) (25 %)

We knew we had a big baby, but holy cow! His weight was off the charts! When pressed to give me a percentile number she said 100. Crazy.

Did I mention he was 100th Percentile for Weight???! OMG.


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  1. holy shit! he’s a big boy! …so advanced 😉

  2. Get these! http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2404768

    When Kate’s teething we just throw an ice cube in there and she goes to town. You can also put in a piece of fruit or something, but that gets messy.