Milk Machine

h1 September 30th, 2008


We are knee deep in a 2 week growth spurt around here. From about 5 pm Saturday on, Maddox has been asking to be fed about every 45 min. No kidding! It’s madness. I am a milk machine. About twice a day I get a break for a couple hours. It’s just long enough to take a quick nap or take care of my healing body. I’ve learned to do some things while nursing, like feeding the dog, feeding myself, and even taking a shallow bath. It’s all about maximizing his sleeping time- which basically all comes back to “sleep when the baby sleeps”.


I’m starting to become more aware of the fact that I’ll be alone with baby in not too long. My mother at some point will need to rejoin her former life, and Dallas will go back to work. I think this is all going to be even more difficult with baby #2 someday – when Maddox will be a toddler demanding a schedule and my attention. I love all of this, but how do people ever get caught up on sleep??

2 comments to “Milk Machine”

  1. Don’t worry – it gets easier! Kate was sleeping through the night by three or four months. Nowadays she sleeps about 12 hours. 12 glorious hours.

  2. You’re already planning #2?! You can sleep on that… sometime in 2010.