First Baby Pics!

h1 April 3rd, 2008

Here is one of our first baby photos! It actually looks like a baby too. It was pretty neat to be able to see the itty bitty human moving on the screen. By 13 weeks I was starting to feel like myself again and had almost convinced myself I had made the entire pregnancy up. Those images assured me It wasn’t actually a dream. Yay!

Baby 13 Weeks:

Baby, 13 weeks

2 comments to “First Baby Pics!”

  1. Wheeeeeeee! Congratulations! I hadn’t checked your site in a while but the baby booties and hats got me thinking… Yay for your little, hmm too big for a kumquat.. lime? canape? First trimester is in the bag too; I pretty much felt great my second tri. Have fun with the crafty-crafts and hi to Dallas.

  2. The baby is so big we’ve (babycenter) stopped comparing its size to fruit. Two weeks ago was an avocado. It was supposed to have doubled in size, so I’m guessing grapefruit?