Its a Boy!

h1 April 14th, 2008

I’m so excited. This whole time I just felt like, almost assumed, we were having a boy. Its kind of neat to know I wasn’t wrong. Mothers intuition perhaps.

I think today is when the whole thing became more real. It was really nice to be able to see our baby boy and see for myself that he had all his limbs, all his organs, and no cleft pallet. He’s actually quite cute too! When they were checking his lip for a cleft pallet they had to get in real close. We were able to see his face pretty well, including his cute little nose. Also he was moving his mouth like he was chewing or just finished eating.

The ultrasound technician asked if I had just eaten lunch because he was very active. I guess he likes how japanese food makes him feel! Me too.

We saw him put his hands up to his face, roll over, uncurl his body, and kick his legs. Right now all the moving seems so cute. I’m guessing I won’t feel that way in a few weeks when those little kicks are getting me in the ribs.

Here he is on his side facing us. Head on the right of the shot. He is holding his arms up by his eyes, and that is his knee on the left.

And finally here is the money shot… This one shows off his boyhood. No mistaken.

(Just like Ronin, we are hoping this is the first and only time his boy-parts will be on the internet.)

8 comments to “Its a Boy!”

  1. What a cutie!! I’m so happy for you both. Thanks for sharing the pictures. yay!

  2. There’s a PERSON living INSIDE YOU.


  3. I know! Pretty creepy isn’t it?

  4. Well there goes my theory about you all having girls.


    As a father of two boys, good luck!!!!!!!!! jk

    Definitely a boy.

  5. Look at your cute little guy! I loved the ‘fetal survey’ ultrasound; probably the first doctor appmt. I ever enjoyed. Can you feel him move yet?

  6. I enjoyed that appointment. It was neat being able to see him in so much (relative) detail.

    This morning was the first time that I was certain that what I was feeling was the baby moving. The “quickening” is upon us.

  7. Cool! It’s funny, the term “quickening” always reminded me of the movie Highlander–puts an unusual spin on those initial twingey movements…

  8. hi Vida! I dunno if you remember me, but I went to Culinary school with you =) I have tried to post on the cca website but for some reason am retarded and can’t get it to work.. lol! anyways, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR SON! When is he due? My hubby and I are having a boy too and he is due in early July. Would be awesome to talk with you if you get time and compare baby notes lol. Hope all is well with you and yours!