Hello World

h1 October 12th, 2008

We are still here. Maddox has been going through a growth spurt, which means he’s been feeding constantly. Good for him, no sleep for us.

One more week and I’ll be on my own with the baby. I’m a little nervous, but I know I can do it. My biggest worry is being out in public and him needing to eat. I still haven’t totally worked out nursing in public yet. Though I did it today successfully at the Halloween store. We were picking out a costume for the annual NDN Halloween party, and Maddox decided it was time to eat – so that’s what we did, right there on the isle between the devil costumes and plastic cauldrons. It was nice having Dallas there to help me arrange the blanket just so, and to help with the cart of stuff and car seat. Eventually I’ll get it down. Luckily I’ve already mastered nursing while standing, which is a big help.

2 comments to “Hello World”

  1. Suck blisters!!! SO CUTE.

  2. Awesome blog! I added your RSS feed to my reader so I wont miss any of your new posts…