Phuket, Thailand

h1 April 8th, 2008

Here is the ONLY blog entry I ended up writing while we were in Thailand. Sorry I’m posting it so late and sorry its the only one. If you are dying to read more about the trip check out Riley’s Blog and They are both packed with info and photos.

Feb 15
Fly to Phuket – Mom Tri’s Boathouse – 1 night
We arrived late in the day to The Boathouse. It was already about 4:30 pm and the better part of the sunny day was over. This is our first beach destination and we wanted to make the most of it. We had about 1 1/2 hours before our dinner reservation and used it to play in the ocean, then a quick dip in the heart-shaped pool. The water is a little murky off Kata Beach, which presses right up against the hotel patio. We used the snorkel gear for a short bit, but there was no wildlife to speak of – except for something that kept stinging us all. Just little annoying pinchy sensations on our skin. It was possibly some sort of mini jellyfish. The scenery was beautiful and it was nice to be in a place where relaxation was the key activity.

The restaurant here at Mom Tri’s Boathouse apparently won some sort of Wine Spectator wine list award. We originally chose this hotel because it is said to house the 3 best restaurants on Phuket. Dinner was fine. Not really good, but fine. They seemed to think they were a fancy french restaurant by the way the menu read. I read about 5 dishes that had some sort of velouté sauce. It had the chance of being wonderfully delicious, or a failed mess. —– Lets just say, we are terribly lucky to live in the food mecca that we do. We are able to enjoy fresh seasonal produce from farmers who pour their passion into their product. We have cheeses, meats, wine, breads, pastries, all from artisanal producers… Basically the San Francisco Bay area has some of the best food in the world and I am reminded of this pretty much every time we leave California.

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