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Pencil Tip Sculptures

h1 Monday, August 16th, 2010

I saw this post the other day about micro sculptures that Dalton Ghetti creates from a pencil. I am totally blown away by the genius!

Unfortunately for me, he never sells his work, only gives them away to family and friends.

How cute is this alphabet!?

Bird Themed Baby Shower

h1 Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

This past weekend I hosted a baby shower for my dear friends Sara & Mike.  The theme was birds/nests.  I wanted to make it beautiful and dainty. Think tea party meets baby girl baby shower.

Here are some photos.  (sorry about the lighting)



Cigars for the guys…



This is a little wish tree.  Guests write wishes for the baby or mom and dad on the cards and hang it from the pink ribbon.


I decorated the railing with a garland of twig type material and attached small artificial birds.  The morning of the event I tucked in a whole bunch of tiny pink roses. It really made the entry way feel very festive.  The front door had a wreath made of dried grapevine which also had fresh roses and artificial birds, along with faux flowers made from vintage gauze and a nest  I made by hand.


This is a photo of the right half of the favor table. In each box are two tasty and very fresh macaroons from Paulette Macaroons in Hayes Valley.  There were 4 flavors represented – Rose, Sweet Wedding Almond, Madagascar Vanilla, and Violet Cassis.


Doily Nest

h1 Thursday, April 1st, 2010

I’ll be working on making these in the coming week for a bird themed baby shower.
Tutorial from Martha Stewart.


May Day Themed Baby Shower

h1 Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Recently I threw a May Day themed baby shower. Which basically means flowers and tons of them. Because the shower was in February and because I’m crafty, I decided to make a variety of paper flowers. The pom pom “flowers” were hung from the ceiling at both ends of the house. I think I made about 20 in a range of sizes.

Pink Pom Poms

Green Pom Pom

The shower was for my dear friend Minna who is expecting her first little nugget on May 1st (thus the theme).

Here are a couple shots of the food and drink spread.



The cupcakes in the previous post are shown here with frosting and decor. All in all I think we made 250 mini cupcakes. Needless to say we had a ton left over. Once I get into production mode, I just keep going!

Baking Cupcakes

h1 Friday, February 19th, 2010



Adorable mini paper cups from Bake It Pretty.

Not Ay-Dah

h1 Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Ages ago Cheyenne made the cutest little plush doll for her daughter. As soon as I read about it on her blog I knew I had to make my baby one. Of course weeks turned to months, and months turned to more months and it never happened. Cheyenne was kind enough to then also make my baby one. Thank you!

Well I finally got around to making one myself. It isn’t the most well made thing I’ve ever done, but it was fun to make. I used an old brown cashmere sweater I never wear, and a retro looking stretched out T-shirt of Dallas’, with a sprinkling of coral fabric that we used as table runners in our wedding. I really like that I was able to work in fabric from personal sources. Along with organic cotton batting, I also packed the doll with empty baby wipes packaging to make it crinkle. The ears are stiff with the crinkle material.


Oilcloth Tote Bag

h1 Thursday, July 30th, 2009


I saw a pattern for this oilcloth bag on The Purl Bee and just had to make it. I am pretty good at using reusable bags whenever I go out shopping. It is nice that I now can carry one that doesn’t have the name of a grocery store plastered on the side.

I used the same brand of fabric they did, just different patterns. It is a high quality oilcloth with a linen backing. I used two colors of thread. The bobbin color (inside the bag) is green, and the main thread is coral/pink.

Here is my bag:




h1 Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

I picked up this book recently. My interest is piqued. I’d love to do a simple baby quilt. First I’m going to make a bib and some coasters to get some practice.

The folks over at Purl Soho have some super cute fabric and their blog is full of great ideas!


Sweater Bunny

h1 Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Just before Easter I saw this tutorial for making an adorable plush bunny out of recycled sweaters. I barely have enough time to maintain a happy baby and a clean home, but somehow I will make this guy (even if it takes me until next Easter!). I will make Maddox a plush toy. I will make Maddox a plush toy. I will make Maddox a plush toy.


This pattern for an owl plush toy uses old baby wipes packaging to make the toy crinkly. For some reason babies LOVE crinkly. If Maddox is having a fit, the only sure thing that will calm him is if I allow him to play with the wipes – crinkle, crinkle, crinkle! One of these days I’ll make a crinkly bunny!

Beautiful Plumage

h1 Friday, April 3rd, 2009

My dear friend Heidi is getting married, and I have offered to help by doing her wedding flowers. I’m so excited! Love, Spring, Flowers! I have been hanging out on for a while now. So many gorgeous weddings filled with perfect bouquets and arrangements! It is so inspiring!