h1 June 29th, 2007


Recently I attended my Uncle Tom’s graduation from Stanford Medical School. He received his PH.D. in Molecular and Cellular Physiology. Yay Uncle Tom! His thesis was titled “A New Approach to Treating the Failing Heart”. I love that name. Its medical, yet romantic.

Other thesis titles weren’t quite as easy to understand – “Cell Context and Subtypespecific Trafficking of the Alpha 2-adrenergic Receptors”, “At the Surface of Host-pathogen Interactions in Toxoplasma Gondii Infections”, “Calcineurin/NFAT Signaling Controls Pancreatic Beta-cell Growth and Function”, and “TEC-1 is a Novel Marker for Human CD4+Recent Thymic Emigrants”.

Just being around all those smart people made feel very simple and kinda dumb. Its amazing to me just how smart people are sometimes. And my friends are smart people too! Turns out Elise was also graduating that same day from Stanford Medical School. Of course! I just hadn’t put 1+1 together and come up with 2 (Math has never been a strong point of mine). So Elise is now a Doctor of Medicine! Officially Dr. Lawson. How cool is that??

Check out the photo gallery link to the right to see the photos!

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